Daniel Comboni

Daniel Comboni was the founder of the Institute of Comboni sisters. He cared about education, human development and human dignity.

Comboni’s plan was to save Africa with Africa. He worked for the regeneration of Africa.

He was born on March 15th 1813 in Limone by Lake Garda in northern Italy.

He spoke fluent Italian, French, Spanish, German, English, Arabic and few African languages.

Comboni dedicated his life for the mission.

Some chosen passages from Comboni’s letters:

“ I would like to have a hundred tongues and a hundred hearts to speak for Africa.” (1866)

“I return among you, never again to cease to be yours and entirely consecrated to your greater good. Day and night, sun and rain will find me equally ready to help your needs. Rich and poor, healthy and sick, young and old, master and servant, shall always find a way into my heart. Your good shall be mine, and your sufferings shall be mine too. I shall make common cause with every one of you, and the happiest of my days will be when I shall be able to give my life for you.” (1873)

“Let everything that God wishes come about: God never abandons the man who trusts in Him.” (1881)