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Saint  Joseph's   Language   School  -  5th  Ahmad  Sabry  St.,  Zamalek.       Email:       Tel.: 02-27351567

















teacher staff in school
Administration Staff in School
Professors in Kindergarten Stage

Christmas choir for school students

Santa Claus celebration for KG students A visit from Mr Scott Nelson, Brother Andrew Small and Father Antonios Fayez
Part of TV program “Boy and Girl” called ‘shakhbata ’
For KG students
Delf exam for secondary stage
Leadership party
Festival “Colours” Visit of Dr. Ali El Semman to the school with Bishop Monir Hanna and Ms. Clair an educational counselor then a meeting with the teachers 
Children’s day KG






























 Teaching Stages:
Kindergarten Stage
Primary Stage
Preparatory Stage
Secondary Stage