Letters of Gratitude to the Principal




Hello Sister Samiha,
            This is Marina Mamdouh, 2012 graduate. Maybe I left 1 year before graduation but I always consider myself a graduate. Despite the fact that I am far from the school and Egypt, I miss everything about the school, the school uniform, the teachers, the rules and everything I thought that I hated one day, but I discovered that was just an illusion. Every part of the school has a deep memory in my heart and every event has a special place in whoever I am today . After coming to Australia I discovered the true meaning of everything that we have done at school, from the leadership course( which my grade was the first to do) and the voluntary work, the rules and everything else. It is really special experience and I want to tell all the current students to believe that it will illuminate their future and everyone will respect who they will grow up to be. I can proudly say that I had the blessing of attending more than 13 years in this school, which is more than half my life. I cannot end this e-mail without saying thank you to the great sister Samiha, not only because she is a great person or the best principle but because she knew all of us by name, she knew what are my strengths and weaknesses and I am sure she knows everyone that ever studied in this school. Wherever this life might take me, I'll always hold the memory of you and the school in heart, and whatever I achieve in my coming years will be because of you. I cannot thank you enough and no enough words will be sufficient to describe my gratitude. I love you so much.
          Your Daughter always and forever
                                                                                     Marina Mamdouh
                                                                                           from Sydney

My Dear sister Samiha 
please accept all my respect and love 
Mona forwarded the Email to me and I was so happy that you requested a picture and wanted to keep contact 
I was in the first class graduated from grade 9 
I had 3 more brother and sister graduated from St Joseph my full name is 
Jacqueline Samir Salama Tadrous 
I keep telling my kids about the school and how clean and strict it was and I wish one day to be back to Egypt and show my kids my school, which in my opinion is better even from the private schools they attend now in Canada  
I will attach a picture but for sure there is lots of changes since I graduated 
I work as family physician in Manitoba Canada and it was very challenging and competing 
to achieve such position but I think I still remember your words about how to prepare to exams (kelmeet  ya raite omraha ma teamaar beit )so I do my best in studying and God complete the rest 
Thanks for your time and please allow me to contact you again 

My dear Sister Samiha
I am Jacqueline Samir SalamaTadrous and I was honored to be one of the first preparatory graduate year from st Joseph school,may be around 1984-1985 
I was one of the top in my class.My classmates were ShereenAlmasry ,ManalBagdaday  and Hala Maher 
I am working now in Manitoba Canada as a Family physician 
I was so happy to hear about how sucessful is my school now from Mona whom I accidentally met and we shared memories about the lovely school. 
I don't want to keep you long But Just want to say Hi and Miss u and the school too much,  may be one day I will come back and visit u and the school
My love and regards to all the sisters there and wish you all the best and May God bless you and the school 
Mona also says Hi and miss you sister...(Mona)



letter from the student's mother

Farah Ayman second grade prep

Yasmin Ayman fifth grade Primary

A letter from the student's father,

Nancy Sameh sixth grade Primary

Christine Sameh Fourth grade

A letter from the student Andrienne Emil third grade secondary

Dear sisters and all teacher
Hi Sister Samiha, Sister Flor and all the Sisters. I am Su Su a
former student of S.J.S school. I am now in Australia with my father
post. I am now attending Telopea Park School in Canberra. All subjects
are quite easy for me. Thanks to S.J.S school. I am now proficient in
using computers. I am now in ESL (English as a Second Language) class.
But I am moving to Main English class next year. I am now one of the
three top students in ESL class. There are many diplomatic children in
ESL class who are not good at English as I do. I remembered that when
I first came to Egypt, I could not speak or understand English well.
My mother country is weak at teaching English. I was trained to speak
English with teachers from S.J.S school, students and nice Sisters.
Everything is working well in Australia School because I attended
S.J.S School. I cannot forget your gratitude Sisters and teachers. I
get high marks in most of the subjects and I have no difficulties in
communicating with teachers or students. This is because of the
teaching of my former S.J.S School. If I do not have any basic English
skill,I might be bullied by people here. I might have lots of
difficulties in studying here. Thank you again Sisters and teachers
who taught me. I will visit S.J.S School again if I have a chance.

Your former student,
Ma Su Su Phoo Pwint Mon

A letter from the student's father,Marize Ramzy fifth grade Primary

A letter from the student's motherNada Osama Afifi prep second grade

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Josiane Basem
First grade secondary

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First grade


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Grade Sixth


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